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La Croix Water

Move over soda because it looks like there’s a new sheriff in beverage town. That’s right; we’re talking about sparkling water. It’s what all the cool kids are drinking nowadays, and it’s gaining popularity for being a somewhat healthier alternative to soda. One particular brand in the market is La Croix, which happens to be […]

Liquid Death Water

Are you tired of dainty bottled water that tries way too hard to impress you with how unbelievably healthy it is, when what you really want is a can of water with attitude? You are in luck! What you need is a can of Liquid Death to satisfy your ‘attitude’ needs…and maybe even water that […]

Essentia Water

Essentia Water is a premium, functional water endorsed by sports stars and even the Kardashians. You thought that your water is already pretty functional? Well, Essentia says their water is ‘supercharged’ because they ionize it and add electrolytes.  That sounds good – but is it worth the extra price? Essentia has a lot of loyal […]

Dasani Water

It is estimated that on average a man needs 3.7 liters of water a day, and a woman needs around 2.7 liters. This is to ensure a healthy life. Medical research has also proven that a human being can only survive three days without water. Therefore, water truly is life. Not only is it important […]

Perrier Water

If you’ve ever sat on a café terrace in the sun, sipping a Perrier water, did you catch yourself picturing you on a similar terrace in France? You wouldn’t be the first one! But is their water really that good? Does it really come from France? Is there something special about their water? Read on […]

Fiji Water

Simply put, if you don’t drink enough water, your body will not be able to function. However, picking the right water to drink is important. This part is where Fiji water comes in. The pristine and untouched waters of the Fiji Islands are under threat from many factors. However, in the mid-1990s, a group of […]

Boil Alerts

A boil water advisory is a warning issued by local health agencies because there may be untreated germs in the tap water. During a boil water advisory you should refrain from drinking water straight out of the tap, and either drink bottled water or boil tap water before drinking it. Listen to advisories from your […]

Smart Water

Smart Water is a bottled water which first came to market in 1996 in the United States. It uses a vapor distillation process to purify water in a similar way to the water cycle seen in nature. It is available in a number of countries across Europe, America, Australasiaand Asia. Is Smart Water Healthy? Smart […]

Nutritional Facts about Aquafina Water: What You Need to Know!

Water is generally known to aid in absorbing essential nutrients and the sustenance of life. Our cells cannot endure in the absence of water. Our blood is 83 percent water, our bones are 22 percent water, our brain is 74 percent water, and our lean muscles are 75 percent water. This is why you need […]

Voss Water

If you are in an expensive restaurant or hotel bar, you may want to order one of Voss’s sleek, distinctive bottles of water – but are you paying for tap water? Because Voss water isn’t just known for the purity of its water and stylish bottles, they also faced criticism for selling Norwegian tap water. […]

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