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Why Purify the Water, and What is The Best Method for Healthier Water?

Clean water without a lime! Healthier with clean drinking water. Avoid calcification in the body and the espresso machine. Avoid kidney stones and gallstones. Most ‘drink’ 180kg stone in life. Water from the supermarket is expensive and heavy to carry and also not as clean as osmosis water. There is probably a reason that millions […]

What are the Deadly Toxic Chemical Found in Your Water?

Deadly Toxic Chemicals Found in Drinking Water for at least 6 MILLION Americans Toxins used to stain-proof furniture and fight fire is in public water supply California worst affected, also New York, Florida, Georgia, and others At least 6m people affected, possibly more. Fed data omits 100m people The case echoes Flint, where 8,000 children […]

Harmful Chemicals They Use to Treat your Water

The U.S. Tap Water Water is vital to life. Not one living thing on the planet can survive without it, so naturally, we should be concerned about what is in our tap water and whether or not it is safe to drink. Our bodies are made up of over 60% water, and every muscle, bone, […]

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