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Evian Water

Who hasn’t heard about Evian water?! Two billion bottles a year are filled and shipped all over the world. They’ve recruited famous singers and athletes as spokespeople, and there was even a spot with Spiderman. 

Our expectations are high when super athletes and heroes are involved, but does Evian live up to its hype and popularity? We know that it’s important to you to drink a healthy water, but is Evian the perfect bottled water for you? 

Read on and find out!

IS Evian Water Healthy?

Sure! Drinking lots of good water is always a healthy choice, and the water of Evian is a good quality mineral water. Drink up! 

But… you probably want to know is if Evian is the best water for your health.

Well, let’s start by looking at what’s in it. 

It’s a somewhat hard water. For a bottled water, it has more minerals in it than a lot of its competitors…but not an extreme amount by any means. It’s just a bit higher than the average bottled water.

Two of the most common minerals considered for mineral waters are calcium and magnesium, and Evian has them in fairly high levels. There are 80 mg of calcium and 26 mg of magnesium. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), gives you an overall measure of the minerals in the water, and Evian’s value is also somewhat high at 300.

Is this healthy? Yes! The minerals in the water can make a small contribution to your daily mineral requirements. You probably know that you need calcium to build bones, and magnesium helps in lots of biochemical processes. These, and other minerals, are used by the body to replace the minerals you lose while doing sport, so that’s a health bonus, too! 

Other mineral waters have slightly different amounts of minerals in them, and there isn’t really one ‘best’ mix. If you really want to know if Evian is the best for you, then let taste be your guide

Considering Evian’s popularity, a lot of people like the kinds and amounts of minerals that are in Evian. But some people find a water with fewer minerals in it works or tastes better to them. Others appreciate a water with even more minerals in it!

Try different bottled waters out, and find out for yourself if Evian is the best and healthiest water for you. The water that you like and drink a lot of will be the best one for you.
Summary: Mineral waters are healthy to drink, and they add a small source of minerals to your daily diet. Evian’s mineral profile works for a lot of people, but don’t be afraid to try other bottled waters to find the one that works for you. 

What Is The pH Of Evian Water?

Evian water is slightly alkaline, and has a pH of 7.2.

Neutral water has a pH of 7.0, so Evian is really just a little alkaline. Some bottled waters market their waters as being very alkaline, so if that’s important to you, you’ll have to try another brand.

Where Does Evian Water Come From?

France, of course! 

In the mountains of the French Alps that rise out of the south shore of Lake Geneva, you’ll find the small town of Evian-les-Bains. There are several water sources in this town of water that have been used for over 200 years. 

According to Evian’s website, it all started because a certain Marquis De Lessert found that the water from this area was particularly good-tasting and wholesome - but I don’t think he could have imagined that the whole world would get a chance to try the water from Evian-les-Bains for themselves! \

What’s Healthier, Evian or Fiji Water?

Both Fiji and Evian are ever-so-slightly alkaline.

The minerals are balanced differently. Evian has substantially more calcium and magnesium than Fiji water. Fiji water has more potassium and sodium. 

TDS is a catch-all measure that estimates the total amount of minerals. The higher TDS value of Evian reflects more minerals overall than Fiji.

Now, it’s time for you to decide: do you prefer a water with a more or less minerals? Is it important that you have lots of calcium, or maybe you prefer the taste with less magnesium? 

Both waters are high quality bottled waters, so why not let taste be your guide: does the taste of Evian or Fiji work better for you?!

To help you decide between these two waters, here’s a chart that compares them:

Calcium (mg)8018
Magnesium (mg)2615
Potassium (mg)14.9
Sodium (mg)6.518
TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)300222

Evian FAQs

Who Owns Evian Water?
The French multinational corporation of Danone took complete ownership of Evian water in 1970.
Is Evian The Healthiest Water?
There is no ONE, ‘healthiest’ water.

Mineral waters are generally very healthy to drink. They add a small amount of important minerals to your diet, and they can help replace minerals and electrolytes lost during sport. 

As mentioned in the main article, find a water that tastes and works for you! Some people prefer waters with more minerals, others prefer the taste with less. 
Is Evian Good For Your Skin?
Do you mean Evian the water or the Evian brand cosmetic products, because Evian also markets some cosmetic products for your skin?

We’ll only discuss the mineral water here and, yes, it can help your skin.

First, drinking enough water during the day will keep your skin hydrated and healthier.

Second, try using the mineral water in a spray bottle to spray a fine mist of Evian onto your skin. The silica content of Evian and some other mineral waters, for example, is supposed to help improve skin elasticity. Not surprisingly, this effect of mineral water on your skin hasn’t been tested scientifically, but some people find that they like the effect
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