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Essentia Water

Essentia Water is a premium, functional water endorsed by sports stars and even the Kardashians. You thought that your water is already pretty functional? Well, Essentia says their water is ‘supercharged’ because they ionize it and add electrolytes. 

That sounds good - but is it worth the extra price? Essentia has a lot of loyal fans, and some claim that it helps your skin glow, your acid reflux go away, and can even help you lose weight. That’s a lot for one bottle of water! 

Let's take a closer look at it and see if it lives up to the hype. 

Essentia Water pH - Is It Alkaline or Acidic?

Essentia water is quite alkaline for water. On the pH scale, it sits at 9.5 (pH of 7 is neutral, above 7 is alkaline, and 14 is the most alkaline), and there are few bottled waters that are even close to this alkaline. 

Essentia hasn’t found a special underground water source with alkaline water, they take normal water and use ionization to create its alkalinity.

Essentia Water Ingredients

The ingredient list of Essentia is surprisingly long, but it IS a functional water:

  1. purified water (by reverse osmosis), 
  2. sodium bicarbonate, 
  3. dipotassium phosphate, 
  4. magnesium sulfate 
  5. calcium chloride

You’ll notice the extra ingredients added to the water are sources of minerals and electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. The amounts are quite small, but according to Essentia, these improve the taste and help your body absorb the water more quickly. They also form a small replacement for minerals lost during exercise.

Is Essentia Water Healthy? What Are Its Benefits?

Let's get this out of the way first: If you drink more water and less coffee, soda and sugary drinks, you are already doing a lot for your health. It doesn’t matter which water. 

But does Essentia give you even more health benefits than regular water? Well, there isn’t really any science to say it does, but there seems to be a lot of word-of-mouth hype, and Essentia has loyal fans. 

Does Essentia Help Against Acid Reflux?

Drinking more water and less coffee will generally help your acid reflux. Some people feel that the alkaline pH of Essentia helped against their acid reflux. 

Doctors don’t expect any special effect of Essentia water on reflux, but nobody says you shouldn’t try it. After all, taking a Tums will also give you short-term relief - but if you want long-term relief, visit your doctor. Acid reflux is a common illness, and there are proven ways to get long-term relief.

Does The Body Absorb Essentia Water Better?

One study by Essentia showed that participants recovered from light dehydration after sport faster than with other water. There haven’t been any independent studies of this. 

Some of Essentia’s early success happened because a group of pro basketball stars really liked the product. They need to drink a lot when they play, so maybe they are on to something. 

Does Essentia Improve Skin Tone?

Drinking water keeps your skin well-hydrated. Well hydrated skin is healthier and makes you look younger, too.  

There aren’t any scientific studies to suggest that Essentia hydrates skin better than other water. 

On the other hand, maybe you will like drinking Essentia better than other water? After all, it seems to be a water with a very loyal following, so maybe it will work for you. Especially if you like drinking it more than tap water, then you’ll drink more water overall, and keep your skin well-hydrated! 

Which is better, Fiji or Essentia?

We’ll compare the numbers for these two bottled waters for you, but don’t forget that health benefits for different kinds of water are generally unproven benefits - so why not try both waters and see if one of them works better for you!

pH9.5 (alkaline)7.7 (lightly alkaline)
Type of WaterIonizedGround Water
Mineral contentMinerals addedNatural mineral water
Total Minerals (TDS)*52 mg/L224 mg/L
*TDS is ‘Total Dissolved Solids’. As a natural mineral water, Fiji has more minerals, and more kinds of minerals in it.

Now you get to decide! Do you want an alkaline, ionized water with added minerals? Get Essentia. Or a natural, mineral water that has the pH and minerals of water from deep under the ground? Get Fiji.

Have fun trying!

Does Essentia Increase My Electrolytes After Intense Sport?

A little bit, yes. However, Essentia’s main claim is that the electrolytes and alkalinity of Essentia help the body absorb the water more quickly, keeping you better hydrated. 

If you really just want to replace electrolytes after an intense sport session, you need substantially more electrolytes than what’s in Essentia. Try a sports drink, juice or coconut water.

Who Owns Essentia Water?
Essentia Water announced that they were up for sale in 2018, and were bought in 2021 by Nestlé. The amount for the sale wasn't disclosed, but considering Essentia’s ever-growing sales, there was speculation it could have been as much as one billion dollars!

Essentia Water Bottle

Frequently asked Questions asked about Essentia Water

Does Essentia Water affect your Kidneys?
If you have kidney problems, you have to be very careful with everything you eat and drink. Consult your doctor before drinking Essentia, as it is very alkaline. 
Can Essentia Help Me Lose Weight?
Drinking more water can help you lose weight, partly by making you feel fuller and less hungry. If you find it easier drinking Essentia water than tap water, then it makes sense to include it in your weight loss plan. There is no scientific evidence that Essentia is better at helping weight loss than any other water. 
IS Essentia Water Ionized?
Yes! Their water is ionized using electrolysis. Electrolysis splits the water into alkaline and acidic parts. Essentia then removes some of the acidic parts, leaving a more alkaline water behind.
Does Essentia water have chemicals? 
As seen in the ‘Ingredients’ section, Essentia has a surprising number of chemical-sounding names in its ingredients list. These are, however, typical additions to many foods at your supermarket. The amounts are small, and are used by Essentia to add minerals and electrolytes to the water (e.g. sodium, calcium and potassium).

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