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3 Tips in Choosing the Best Home Water Filter that Suits Your Needs

Home Water Filter Home water filters have now become a standard part of many American homes because more Americans have come to realize the truth that dangerous contaminants in our drinking water are a constant threat to our physical health. Bacteria, illegal and prescription drugs, disinfectants, lead, chloroform, fluoride, radon, and E. coli are just […]

Lead in Tap Water Can Cause A Tremendous Problem

How Big is the Problem? Lead poisoning from drinking water is such a significant concern right here in Ontario that it has prompted every major city to require schools and day-care centers to test for lead annually. Many day-care centers use water filters. There are many reports from both government departments and public health organizations […]

Positive Results of Tap Water Softener and Its Advantages

Tap Water Softener How to Weigh Up Saltless Water Softeners If you think your traditional water conditioner is beginning to become a hassle for you, then it is time to consider a saltless water softener. The salt that is used in traditional water conditioners can be tough to replace. They can be messy and can […]

The Risks That You Need to Know When Using Tap Water

The General Public Needs To Know What Is In Their Tap Water Drinking and bathing in clean water is the right step toward good health.  A decade ago, people were concern about our environment becoming more and more polluted.  Today, our environment is polluted, and our tap water is a health hazard for drinking and […]

The Importance of Using A Water Filter for Your Home

Filtered, Pure Drinking Water for your family with a Home Water Filter! There’s a pretty wide variety of home water filters available. From the very inexpensive on-tap filter to the excellent and extremely popular water ionizer, you can be sure to find a safe, reliable way to purify your drinking water. Search around the web, and you’ll see that there are […]

What is Kangen Water and the 5 Hidden Benefits Associated With It?

Kangen Water Kangen is a Japanese word translated into English as “return to the origin,” which means numerous things when used to describe water. First, it represents water returned to the state in which water was frequently found in nature before the earth became polluted. Another, it implies that it will help to restore your […]

The 12 Most Common Tap Water Filters. Which One is The Safest?

Tap Water Filters Tap water filters are fast becoming a necessity, associated with the bad quality of water in the world today. It is known that more and more drugs and chemicals are getting into the supply, while the human needs for water increase day by day. In this case, good tap water filters will […]

The 5 Amazing Properties of Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water Ionizer Technology The electrolytic cell of the ionizer machine parts normal tap water into two streams of acidic and alkaline water. The acidic water has to sterilize attributes and can be used for healing skin problems. Because acidic ionized water is also fitted with the external pH of the human body, which is […]

The 10 Dangerous Contaminants in Your Tap Water

Do You Understand the Dangers of Tap Water? If you know the dangers of drinking tap water to your health and well being, you would think twice before putting it into your body. We often take the purity of our tap water for granted, and we shouldn’t. There are endless reports of contaminants in our tap water. […]

Tap Water

Tap water is water provided to a tap(valve). Raw water travels directly to the user (household, apartments, buildings, etc.) Or water running from the supplier going through indoor plumbing and water tanks. The water management using a pipeline network to supply water to inhabitants. You are most likely aware that you use tap water regularly for […]

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