Tap Water

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Tap water is water provided to a tap(valve). Raw water travels directly to the user (household, apartments, buildings, etc.) Or water running from the supplier going through indoor plumbing and water tanks. The water management using a pipeline network to supply water to inhabitants. You are most likely aware that you use tap water regularly for washing dishes, laundry, drinking, cleaning, flushing toilets, etc.

There are two common sources of water, specifically from surface water or groundwater.

Surface Water
Surface Water

Surface Water

Raw water moving and collected from the surface of the ground. We consider streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands, reservoirs, and creeks as surface water. The primary source of reservoirs comes from rivers.



Where supplies of drinking water come from some of the developed countries. During the water emergency, consumers switched to groundwater. Raw water came underneath the ground in the cracks and spaces in soil, sand, and rock. The water pumped out of and collected to aquifers.

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink

You may be wondering if, after many generations, can you still drink faucet water? Is it safe to drink tap water from your household? People must be cautious about drinking water. Drinking unsafe water can ruin your vacation or even get sick. Contaminated water can seriously cause you severe disease.

In each city, there are local authorities who manage water treatment and sanitation to ensure that consumers receive freshwater. Every country may follow different organizations’ for freshwater standards. An example would be the World Health Organization (WHO), European Union (EU), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The best tip that we can provide to ensure that the water is safe to drink is to ask the hotel staff where you are staying. Another is by asking locals if drinking water is safe. Always check any signs just right beside the tap valve if there’s a warning showing that the water is not potable. The next tip is using your senses. First is checking the clarity of the water, the smell, and textures that some may feel that the water is slippery. Households can request a water quality report from your supplier. Your piping system can also cause contamination.

When water is unsafe, you can always purchase bottled water or use a water filter.

Tap Water Filter

Tap water filter/faucet water filtration system is one of the inexpensive ways to keep your water potable. The filter is easy to install in every household. Please know that some of the water filters required replacement once in a while.

The water filter is environmentally friendly and instant access to safe drinking water. The system doesn’t use any electricity to operate. We advise that you check carefully which water filter suits your needs and the best for your budget. One of the top water filter systems can remove most of the contaminants found in your tap. Others may produce better taste like bottled water from convenience stores.

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